abbreviation for morocco

abbreviation for morocco

Is there a 3 letter country code?

ISO 3166-1 alpha- 3 codes are three – letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to represent countries , dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest.

Is there a 2 letter country code?

Two- letter country codes are used to represent countries and states (often both widely recognized and not) as a code of two letters . ISO 3166-1 alpha- 2 is the main set of two- letter country codes that is currently used. International vehicle registration codes are either two or three letters .

What country does mar stand for?


What country is em?

The two-letter WIPO country code is listed before the country name. Countries which have signed the Madrid Protocol.

AL Albania GM The Gambia NA Namibia
CN China (not Hong Kong or Macau)(18mo+) LV Latvia ( EM ) ES Spain ( EM )

What country has 4 letters in its name?

Other 4 Letter Countries Other countries that have a four letter name are: Chad , Fiji , Iran , Laos , Mali , Niue , Oman, and Togo. Asia has the majority (four) of these nations, while Africa has three. Two states are located in the South Pacific Ocean, while South America and the Northern Caribbean each have one state.

What is the 3 letter abbreviation for Germany?


What is the 2 letter code for Switzerland?


What is the 2 letter abbreviation for Switzerland?


What country is CD?

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Why is Morocco MA?

This is because of the large French influence in the country, whilst the official languages of the country are Arabic and Berber. The French word for Morocco is Maroc – and the abbreviation MAR is therefore used for sporting events and as the official country code.

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What does Marr stand for?

minimum acceptable rate of return

What is mar short for?


Acronym Definition
MAR Medication Administration Record
MAR Massachusetts Association of Realtors
MAR Martius (Latin: March)
MAR Maintenance & Repair

What country abbreviation is sp?

Saint Helena SH SH
Spain ES SP
Sri Lanka LK CE
Sudan SD SU
Suriname SR NS

Which country is 59?


What country is PB?

United States

ISO 3166-1 numeric 840 ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 USA ICAO airport code prefix(es) K, PA, PB , PF, PH, PJ, PL, PM, PO, PP, PW
ITU Maritime ID(s) 338, 366-369 ITU letter code(s) USA License plate code USA
GS1 GTIN prefix(es) 000-139 UNDP country code USA ITU callsign prefixes AAA-ALZ, KAA-KZZ NAA-NZZ, WAA-WZZ

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