country code morocco

country code morocco

What is the 2 letter country code for Morocco?


What is the abbreviation of Morocco?

Africa (AF)

Ethnic/Cultural Group or Country Abbreviation
Mauritius MA
Mbundu MB
Mende ME
Morocco MR

Is Maroc a country?

Morocco is a Northern African country , bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and the annexed Western Sahara. It is one of only three nations (along with Spain and France) to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.

Where is country code 212?

Area code 718 Телефонные коды 212 и 646 Телефонный код 917

Which country code is 44?

the United Kingdom’s

Which country abbreviation is are?

United Arab Emirates

Where is the country Morocco?


Why is Morocco MA?

This is because of the large French influence in the country, whilst the official languages of the country are Arabic and Berber. The French word for Morocco is Maroc – and the abbreviation MAR is therefore used for sporting events and as the official country code.

What is the 3 letter abbreviation for Germany?


Is Morocco in Arab country?

Morocco has long been considered the most Western-oriented society in the Arab world. For Morocco is not an Arab country at all, but a Berber one with a deceptive Arab veneer. Half the Moroccan population speaks Berber, a Hamitic language similar to ancient Libyan with an alphabet that bears no resemblance to Arabic .

Is Morocco a rich country?

The economic system of the country is characterized by a large opening towards the outside world. In the Arab world, Morocco has the second-largest non-oil GDP, behind Egypt, as of 2017. Economy of Morocco .

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GDP rank 58th (nominal, 2019) 54th (PPP, 2019)
GDP growth 3.0% (2018) 2.3% (2019e) −1.7% (2020f) 5.5% (2021f)

Who ruled Morocco now?

Mohammed VI محمد

Which country has +20 code?


Which country code is 233?


Which country code is 216?

Tunisia country

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