morocco area code

morocco area code

Which country uses +212?


How many digits are in a Moroccan number?

9 digits

How do I add Morocco number to WhatsApp?

How to save Morocco phone number in WhatsApp ? (1st method) Open WhatsApp . On the top is cards: Chats, Status, Calls. Select Chats. In right-bottom corner is a button New message. Click on it. Second line on the top is New contact.

What country code is 099?

There’s no country phone code that’s +99, the closest would be Iran +98… Country Codes , Phone Codes , Dialing Codes , Telephone Codes , ISO Country Codes UPDATE you’ll find 994 Azerbaijan, 995 Georgia…

Which country has +20 code?


How many 212 numbers are there?

Neustar’s filing did not divulge what the new area code would be. Theoretically, there are about 7.9 million phone numbers available per area code. It took about 45 years to use up all of the 212 numbers , but it will take only about 20 to exhaust the inventory of 646 numbers .

What is the main language spoken in Morocco?


Is Morocco an African country?

Morocco , mountainous country of western North Africa that lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. 5 дней назад

Which country code is 2126?


Are international calls free on WhatsApp?

Voice calling lets you call your contacts using WhatsApp for free , even if they’re in another country. Voice calling uses your phone’s internet connection rather than your mobile plan’s minutes.

What is the code number of America?


Is this number on WhatsApp?

Seeing if a phone number is on WhatsApp 3) Tap the New Chat button in the upper-right corner. 4) Now tap New Contact near the top of the screen. 5) Type in a full phone number complete with the country code prefix in order to see if has been registered with the WhatsApp service. Found!

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Is +44 the same as 0?

44 is the country code for the UK. 0 is the long distance dialling code within the UK, from STD (subscriber Trunk Dialling) used to access the ‘long distance’ or trunk network. You don’t need it if dialling the UK from overseas as the call arrives already on the trunk network.

Which country has +14 code?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
12 ARUBA 297

Which country has +19 code?


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