royal air morocco reviews

royal air morocco reviews

Is Royal Air Maroc a safe airline?

In most cases, these safety scores chime with the standard of service on offer, as ranked by Skytrax. Qatar Airways is in the top league with five stars, while Emirates, Saudia, Oman Air , Royal Air Maroc and Turkish Airlines all score four stars.

Does Royal Air Maroc serve alcohol?

Morocco does in fact even make wine, and its flag carrier Royal Air Maroc serves a selection of Moroccan and French wines and various alcoholic drinks.

Does Royal Air Maroc have TV?

To make your trip more enjoyable, Royal Air Maroc offers you a wide range of in-flight entertainment: newspapers, magazines, movies, series, documentaries, cartoons, comedies and music. There is more information about in-flight entertainment in RAM Magazine, which you will find in the pocket in front of you.

Does Air Maroc serve food?

Royal Air Maroc offers two meals during your flight from menus that are updated regularly. We will offer you lunch or dinner consisting of a starter, followed by a hot dish chosen from our two suggestions of the day, and a dessert. At the end of the meal , our cabin crew will serve you coffee and tea.

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?

Although Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol , Morocco is a moderate Islamic country and you are likely to feel free to drink in moderation in private or where alcohol is being served. In medinas alcohol cannot be purchased in shops, although many riads and hotels offer it.

Is it safe to walk in Casablanca at night?

Avoid the Old Medina at night , and never show large amounts of money or flashy jewelry or watches. Women should not walk around the city alone at night .

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Does Pia serve alcohol?

Similar to the previous two airlines, Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) does not serve alcohol on board or even allow its passengers to consume it due to the Islamic Law (Shariah).

What is the best currency to use in Morocco?


Is there WIFI on Royal Air Maroc?

There is no Inflight Wifi (Paid or Free) in any of Royal Air Maroc flights.

Can you wear shorts in Morocco?

Cultural Guidelines: Moroccan men don’t usually wear shorts . However, as tourists, it will be fine for you to wear shorts . If you want to fit in a little better, then you could consider packing long pants. Weather Guidelines: For most of the year, pants won’t be too hot.

What is the baggage allowance for Royal Air Maroc?

Baggage allowance table

NETWORK Economy Business
Europe<->Morocco No bag* or 1 piece of baggage weighing 23 kg 2 pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg each
RAM network excluding: USA/Brazil/Canada/Africa/Libye/Egypt/Saudi Arabia/Lebanon/Turkey/Amman/Qatar 1 piece of baggage weighing 23 kg 2 pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg each

Is Royal Air Maroc flying to Nigeria?

Royal Air Maroc Flights to Nigeria .

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